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Nature is my perspective inspiration and muse. I have a passion for the littoral. Where the reef meets the tropical rainforest. Where mountains swell up from the sea and where the abundance of nature bursts into flower and birdsong. This passion has led me to the rainforests of Cape Tribulation FNQ, Buderim Queensland, Bali Lombok and the Gillis Indonesia, Vietnam and the South Pacific. Corals, mangroves, swamps, forests, ferneries, epiphytes and orchids are my entire palette blasting with colour and life. My paintings grow as the forest does sometimes as a vine organically twisting and turning in linear black enamel forging a leafy path, sometimes as a vapour of shocking colour as an inflorescence, here a drip spill of ink down from the tall canopy, here a blaze of sunset sky or aqua sea or drenching rain.

- Zoe



Zoe's CV


Born Melbourne 1973

1992 – 1995 Victorian College of the Arts Melbourne University Bachelor of Arts

1997 Study and Travel Bali Indonesia
2003-04 Vietnam and Bali
2008 Europe
2010 Europe and Indonesia
2011 Indonesia
2012 Artist in Residence Green School Bali Indonesia
2013 Europe
2014 Hawaii
2015 Europe and Indonesia

Solo Shows
1999 FemLe Attitude Slka Gallery Ubud Bali Indonesia
1999 Sculptures and Bali Paintings Joshua McClelland Print Room Collins St Melbourne
2002 Recent Works Delshan Art Gallery Armadale
2006 Zoe Ellenberg Delshan Art Gallery Armadale
2007 The Sydney Art Fair
2014 New works. Zoe Ellenberg Joshua McClelland Print Room Rathdowne St, Carlton.
2015 Zoe Ellenberg Without Pier Gallery Cheltenham
2017 Artisans in the Garden, Royal Botanic Garden Sydeny

Group Shows
1998 Female Form The Jackman Gallery St Kilda
2000 Y2Artists Delshan Art Gallery Armadale
2001 Hybrid Delshan Art Gallery Armadale
2001 Group Show Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza
2010 ASV Annual Sculpture Exhibition The Light Factory Gallery Eltham
2010 ASV Association The Elliot ASV Gallery South Yarra
2010 Melbourne International Garden Show Exhibition Building Carlton Gardens
2011 ASV Annual Sculpture Exhibition The Light Factory Gallery Eltham
2011 Indoor Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Toyota Community Spirit Gallery
2011 Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Zoe & Joshua Ellenberg Smartartz Gallery
2012 Group Show Without Pier Gallery Cheltenham
2014 Group Show Tusk Gallery South Yarra
2015 Zoe Ellenberg, Joshua Ellenberg and Diana Darling at Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham
2015 SOHO Gallery Sydney
2017 Zoe Ellenberg and Miodrag Jankovic at Without Pier Gallery, Cheltenham
2017 Artisans in the Garden Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
2017 The Other Art Fair, Sydney

1996 ASV Andor Meszaros Sculpture Award Second Prize
2010 Finalist Deakin Small Sculpture Award
2010 ASV Annual Exhibition Delchem Pty Ltd First Prize
2011 Melbourne International Garden Show Commendation
2015 Finalist Deakin University Small Sculpture Award
Annual Exhibition In the Toorak Rd Sculpture Award

Publications & Interviews
http://www.alexmccullochart.com.au/the-arts-show-7-april-2015-josh-and-zoe-ellenberg-michael-peck-andtrevor-harvey - 2015
Beautiful Bizarre Magazine - 2014
World Antiques - 2013
The Green School Newsletter Bali
Art Collector - 2011
Prodigal Daughers:A new vision of spirituality and the Inner Histories of the Arts.
By Helen Martineau 2016